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Working Principle
May 26, 2017

Solar air-conditioning system for heating and refrigeration two applications , comprehensive office hug, hostels, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, aquaculture, family and so on, are the ideal Application object. Winter and even the whole year need heating, such as hot water, heating, swimming pool water heating thermostat, and the summer needs cold world, solar water refrigeration, is a central air-conditioning. At present, all countries in the world are intensifying the study of solar air-conditioning technology. Countries and regions that have been or are building solar air-conditioning systems have been investigated in Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on. This is because the energy consumption of air-conditioning in developed countries occupies a considerable proportion in the annual civilian energy consumption, the use of solar energy-driven air-conditioning system to conserve conventional power, the protection of the natural environment is of great significance.

The so-called solar refrigeration, is the use of solar collector to provide the absorber refrigerator the generator needs the heat medium water. The higher the temperature of the heat medium water, the higher the performance coefficient (also known as COP), the higher the refrigeration efficiency of the air-conditioning system.