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The Size Of Two Water Storage Tanks Accelerated Daily Refrigeration Or Heating Process
Apr 11, 2017

According to the inherent characteristics of the change of solar irradiance in the day, the heat storage tanks can not only stabilize the system, but also save the excess energy at the peak of solar irradiation in hot water. The system differs from the general solar air-conditioning system in the setting up of a large and small two water storage tanks. Small water storage tanks are mainly used to ensure the rapid start-up of the system. Test results show that in the summer and winter sunny morning, the water temperature in small storage tanks can be reached 88 ℃ and 60 ℃ respectively, to meet the requirements of refrigeration and heating.

The dedicated chilled water tank reduces the heat loss of the system.

Although the water storage tank can store energy, its ability is limited after all. This system specially designed a water storage tank. The refrigerant water produced by the refrigerator can be stored in the cold water tank with ample daylight irradiation. The advantage is that the system heat loss in this case is obviously much lower than the heat-medium storage in the water storage tank, because the temperature difference between the temperature of the summer environment and refrigerant water is significantly less than the temperature between the heat medium water and ambient temperature.