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System Design Features
Apr 16, 2017

(1) Organic combination of solar energy and architecture

The overall design of the solar pavilion even if the building is beautiful, novel and chic, and can satisfy the installation requirements of the collector. According to this principle, the south façade of the building adopts a large oblique roof structure, an inclined area is much larger than the plane, and more heat collector can be arranged; second, it is not necessary to consider the occlusion problem when arranging the collector on the inclined plane, and the styling is very beautiful. Inclined roof inclination is 35 °, and the local latitude is close, it is advantageous to the collector to play a full role.

(2) Heat pipe type vacuum tube collector improves refrigeration and heating efficiency

Heat pipe Type Vacuum tube collector is a major scientific and technological achievement of the Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute, with high efficiency, freezing resistance, fast start-up, good insulation, high pressure, heat shock, operation can * and many other advantages, is the composition of high-performance solar air-conditioning system important components. Heat pipe type Vacuum tube collector can provide 88 ℃ heat medium water for high efficiency lithium bromide refrigerator, thereby improving the refrigeration efficiency of the whole system; This collector can also work efficiently in the cold winter of the north, heating the building.