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Sky-high Cost
Mar 22, 2017

Researchers and engineers have been working to develop machines that use solar heat to cool indoors. However, it is always impossible to compete with the traditional plug-in air-conditioning box. According to a German Firth, a solar information consulting company, Solid, a new installation of power air-conditioning output of up to 250,000 megawatts annually, and only a few of them are environmentally friendly air-conditioning. "So far, this new technology is not economically viable," said Oskar Wolf, a solar-powered refrigeration specialist at Solid. "Energy regenerative refrigeration system requires 24-30 cents per kilowatt-hour, which is twice times the cost of traditional air-conditioning."

For example, provide subsidies for adsorption refrigeration equipment. Bernd Hebenstreit, a sales manager for EAW solar panels in eastern Germany, said: "We are looking for opportunities to talk with the national environment." "Similar campaigns have been lifted across Europe." The European Union Directive on renewable energies, which began May 1, 2009, referred to the expectation that the technology should be promoted and promoted, and that Member States should adopt legislation to promote the use of solar-powered refrigeration systems.

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