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Location Of Installation
Apr 20, 2017

The solar air-conditioning demonstration system is built in Rushan, Shandong province. Rushan is located in the southeast end of Shandong Peninsula, north of Yantai, West Qingdao, south of the Yellow Sea. The region has a better solar energy resources, the annual average daily solar irradiation is 173MJ/m2. The local summer the highest temperature of 33 ℃ or so, the lowest temperature in winter 7-8 ℃, Summer and winter respectively have refrigeration and heating requirements, so the installation of solar air-conditioning system suitable location.

Rushan Silver Beach Tourism resort to use the natural conditions in the region, vigorously develop tourism, is the establishment of "China New Energy Science Park." The Popular Science parks plan to build 8 pavilions and halls including the wind power Pavilion and solar energy Pavilion. Solar energy Air-conditioning system is built in the popular science park in the Solar Hall.

Here people can not only visit solar Popular science exhibits, the growth of solar science knowledge, understanding the latest solar technology, and in the visit and entertainment at the same time can personally feel the solar air-conditioning and heating to create a comfortable environment.