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May 31, 2017

General solar thermal Use projects, such as heating, hot water, in fact, in demand and the provision of solar energy is not exactly the same: when the colder the weather, people need warmth, the solar energy is often inadequate. From this point of view, the application of solar air-conditioning is the most reasonable: when the greater the solar radiation, the hotter the weather, we need the air conditioning load also greater. This is the most favorable objective factor for solar air-conditioning applications.

The current solar air conditioning technology is varied, mainly absorbed refrigeration and photoelectric conversion electric power drive refrigeration. More mature technology is lithium bromide-hydraulic quality to absorb refrigeration, now in some demonstration projects have been applied, the effect is ideal. Because of the variety of solar air-conditioning technology, the maturity is different, so its industrialization process is slow. But it is undeniable that, with the energy policy on the tilt of clean energy, the popularization of solar air-conditioning has a bright future. Investing in solar energy air-conditioning projects, seizing the pre-market will be a strategic decision to expand the industry.