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Ancillary Auxiliary Boilers To Make The System Run 24 X 7
Apr 06, 2017

The operation of all solar systems is inevitably influenced by climatic conditions. In order to enable the system to play air-conditioning, heating functions, auxiliary conventional energy is indispensable. The solar air-conditioning system selects auxiliary oil-fired hot water boiler, during the daytime solar irradiation insufficient and the night need to continue to use cold or heat, can then start auxiliary boiler, ensure the system is running steadily.

Switching between system operation and working condition can automatically control the system of the system start-up, energy storage and the switching between solar energy and conventional power, which are especially important in the use of solar energy instead of conventional power. In addition, the system has set up several storage tanks, how to automatically enable different water tanks under different conditions, take different pipelines, and also the key to normal operation of the system; Furthermore, the solar system should be able to solve the problem of automatic overheat and freeze prevention. Therefore, we designed a safe and fully functional automatic control system for the solar air-conditioning system.