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Advantage Introduction
Mar 26, 2017

1, advanced composite superconducting energy storage Converter: The device utilizes the research staff of Qing-da Zhong to develop the successful energy storage superconducting fluid for three years, and the energy produced by the various energy devices connected to it is stored and exported. The temperature variable energy storage superconducting liquid is designed by the nonpolar active metals and their compounds through scientific group, which has the ultra conventional thermal activity and low temperature conduction, the heat transfer rate is 3 times times the ordinary water, and the heat capacity is large. Especially suitable for solar collector, the daytime heat storage energy is radiated at night, changing the time difference produced by solar energy.

2, superconducting solar collector: It utilizes the principle of superconducting collector heat to disperse solar radiant energy, collects and transmits to indoor heating and cooling system, provides room heating. The system has been properly reformed, but also can be independently applied to agricultural and sideline products drying, timber factory drying plates, chemical raw materials drying, greenhouse warming up.

3, Bio-thermal energy generator: burning biomass straw and biomass compressed block, waste furniture and other materials of hot water production device. The fuels used are renewable biomass resources, belonging to the renewable energy category. Promoting the use of renewable biomass energy technologies and products has a high economic and far-reaching social significance.

4, superconducting ground source refrigeration system: The use of the summer source of low temperature energy, through the superconducting system, directly cooling the air in the room to achieve refrigeration purposes.

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