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System pros and cons
May 18, 2017


Compared with the common firepower system, the advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation are mainly embodied in:

1. No depletion hazard;

2, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emissions, clean (no pollution);

3. The advantages of building roofing can be utilized without restriction of resource distribution.

4, without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines, power supply can be generated locally.

5. High energy quality;

6, the construction period is short, the time to acquire energy cost is short.


1, the ground application has intermittent and randomness, electricity generation is related to climatic conditions, in the evening or rainy days can not or rarely power generation;

2, the energy density is low, the standard condition, the ground receives the solar radiation intensity is 1000W/M^2. Large size use, need to occupy a larger area;

3, the price is still relatively expensive, for conventional power generation 3~15 times, the initial investment high.

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