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Solar Charging Controller
May 18, 2017

Solar charging and discharging controllers are also known as "photovoltaic controllers", the role of the solar cell components of the power to regulate and control, to maximize the battery charging, and the battery has been charging protection, the role of discharge protection. In the place where the temperature difference is larger, the photovoltaic controller should have the function of temperature compensation. According to the system's DC voltage level and the power of solar modules to configure the appropriate photovoltaic controllers, the common photovoltaic controllers have DC12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V different voltage ratings.

Battery Group

Its main task is to store energy in order to ensure the load electricity at night or rainy days. According to the requirements of the system DC voltage level to configure the battery string, parallel number, the battery series should follow the same model specifications, with manufacturers, the same batch, simultaneous installation and use principles.

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