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Solar Air-conditioning Technology
May 18, 2017

Solar Air conditioning technology is a kind of technology which is characterized by enormous energy saving and capital.

(a) solar energy air-conditioning technology principle of solar heating cooling air-conditioning development principle is: under the effect of sunlight, using the unit volume of hot and cold air density difference caused by the microcirculation, to achieve winter and warm summer cool purposes.

1, winter heating, into the winter, solar heating cooling air-conditioning began to heat the building, constantly to provide indoor hot air, indoor also constantly absorb, reserves the heat. Through the measured, winter sunshine every day to provide indoor 45 ° ~70 ° C above the hot air, so that the average temperature in winter to maintain at 19 ° C, the winter is also maintained at 17 ° above, the highest temperature at 24 ° C.

2. Summer cooling, heating and cooling air conditioning the top vent holes in the summer, so that the indoor air after heating air-conditioning humidification, through the top platoon to outdoor, the north wall outside the air into the indoor, hot and cold uninterrupted circulation, so that indoor cooling. Heating cooling air conditioning barrier the sunlight on the south wall of radiation energy, so that the south wall does not store heat, and no longer to indoor radiation heat, wall and room temperature average, installation of heating cooling air-conditioning room. The indoor temperature in summer is 10 ° C below the outdoor temperature.

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