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Power generation principle of off-grid solar power generation system
May 18, 2017

The sun shines on the semiconductor p-n Junction, forming a new hole-electron pair, under the effect of the P-n junction electric field, the cavity is flowing from the nitrogen to the P area, the electron is flowing from the P area to n area, and the electric current is formed. This is the photoelectric effect solar cell work principle.

Solar power generation mode of solar power has two ways, one is the light-heat-electricity conversion, the other is the light-electricity direct conversion.

(1) The light-thermal-electric conversion method by using solar radiation generated by thermal power generation, generally by the solar collectors to absorb the heat converted into a refrigerant vapor, and then drive steam turbines. The previous process is the light-heat conversion process; The latter process is the thermal-electrical conversion process.

(2) optical-electric direct conversion method is the use of photoelectric effect, the solar radiation can be directly converted to electrical energy, light-electric conversion of the basic device is solar cells. A solar cell is a device that converts sunlight directly into electrical energy by the Yu Guangsheng Volt effect, a semiconductor photodiode, when the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode will turn the sun's light into electricity and generate electricity. When many batteries are connected in tandem or in parallel, they can become a matrix of solar cells with relatively large output power.

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