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Design and construction of grid
May 18, 2017

The cross-section of the truss structure should be determined according to the strength and stability calculation. In order to reduce the calculation length of the pressure rod to increase its stability, the additional lever and support rod can be adopted. Steel Plate-based grid and double-shell grid-based nodes, mainly cross-board joints, welded hollow ball joints and bolt ball joints three forms. The cross-plate node is suitable for the mesh frame structure of the steel rod and the connection between the rod and the node plate, and adopts welding or high strength bolt connection. The hollow spherical joints and the bolt ball joints are suitable for the truss structure of the steel tubular rod. The node of single-layer latticed frame should be able to withstand bending internal force, in general, the steel consumption of the joints occupies the 15 of steel structure for the whole steel grid.

Construction Installation

The construction and installation methods of the truss structure are divided into two categories: one is the whole lifting method, the whole lifting method and the lifting method of assembling in the ground, the other is the method of bulk, strip block placement assembly and high altitude slip emplacement assembly in high altitude.

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